Service Shop
Open Monday-Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.  //  Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
9551 N. Highway 95, Hayden, ID 83835  //  (208) 772-8179

Service & Repair

Repair and Labor Pricing

Minor Check Up $35
Major Tune Up $65
Major Overhaul $120-$180
Flat Repair Off Bike $3 On Bike $5
Tubeless Tire Install $35 F&R UST $25 F&R Refresh Sealent $15 F&R
Brake Adjustment Rim Brake $10 Disc Brake Bleed $15, Repair $15 and up
Derailleur Adjustment Front or Rear $10
Headset Adjustment $10 Overhaul $15
Bottom bracket Adjustment $15 Overhaul $20
Wheels Truing $10-$15 Building/Lacing $25 and up Hub Rebuild Front or Rear $15-$35
Suspension Fork Service $35 and up
Rear Shock Service $15 and up

Ski Waxing

Nordic $18 Alpine $25

Snowboards $30

Ski Hot Box is $25 to $40

Shop Labor rate is $45 per hour.

Body Geometry Fit, By Certified Technicians

Ride Faster, Ride Longer, Ride More Comfortable

Maximize comfort and performance with our exclusive BG Fit, completely personalized for cyclists from pro competitors to weekend enthusiasts - $195.

Cyclist Interview

Pre-Fit Interview
The pre-fit interview is intended to be a quick scan to sharpen the focus of the flexibility assessment. By asking structured questions relating to injury history of specific body parts or joints, the fitter can anticipate problems with flexibility that will affect the rider's saddle position, handlebar drop and stance width.

Cyclist Flexibility Assessment

16 Point Flexibility Assessment
This assessment identifies the rider's limiting physical factors and allows the fitter to determine what positions are possible and what major modifications will need to be made.

Cyclist Side View

Side View Fit
The goal is to fit the bike so the rider is comfortable with his/her hands on the hoods, can climb and relax using the tops, and descend and sprint from the drops. To do this, all three bar positions must be comfortable and useable. Finding a good "neutral" position for the rider allows them to adapt to changes in terrain, cadence and effort.

Cyclist Front View

Front View Fit
Focused on the finer points of a rider's alignment, pedal stroke and biomechanics, this step makes specific adjustments to position in order to optimize performance and comfort. Adjustments are made to align the rider squarely on the saddle so that they can achieve balanced power delivery from the whole body.