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Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Repair

Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Repair

Your Nordic and Alpine Ski Tune Specialists

Let our team of ski techs help you get the most out of your equipment this season. Well maintained bases and edges are a key ingredient to maximizing your fun on the slopes. Regular waxing, edge sharpening / de-burring and base inspection should be done after every few days on the mountain to ensure consistent glide, reliable edge grip, and predictable performance. Visit us today to learn more from our friendly ski technicians.

Ski Services

We offer comprehensive options to help you keep your snow equipment in excellent working condition. When you bring your equipment to us, we'll examine your edges and base structure and provide you with a free estimate of recommended work. We strive to complete your ski service quickly and accurately so that you can get back on the snow with gear that is tuned to perform exceptionally in your preferred conditions.

Nordic Ski Services

Universal Glide Wax -- $15

Universal Edge & Wax (Metal Edge Touring Ski) --$25

Temperature Specific Swix Low Floro Glide Wax -- $25

Binding Mount & Inspection -- $20

Race (Swix) Wax Hot Box w/ High Floro -- $65

 Universal Hot Box (Single Coat Conditioning) -- $25

Deluxe Hot Box (Double Coat w/ Conditioning & Temp Specific Wax) -- $30

Premium Hot Box (Triple Coat w/ Conditioning, Base Hardening, Temp Specific Waxes -- $35

Complete Standard Tune (Base Stone Grind) -- $60 

Complete Deluxe Tune (Base Stone Grind) -- $70

Alpine Ski Services

Universal Ski Wax  -- $15

Universal Snowboard Wax -- $20

Universal Edge & Wax  -- $25

Race (Deluxe) Edge & Wax (Using Swix EVO Pro Edge Tool)-- $35

Universal Snowboard Edge & Wax -- $30

Universal Hot Box Wax (Single Coat Conditioning Wax) --$25

Deluxe Hot Box (Double Coat w/ Conditioning & Temp Specific Waxes) -- $30

Complete Standard Tune (Stone Grind)-- $60

Complete Race Tune (Stone Grind) -- $75

P-Tex Base or Epoxy Top Sheet Repair -- Determined by Damage

Contact us today to discuss tuning your nordic or alpine skis!