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Recommended Care

Caring for your Bike

A quality bike will give you years of riding with just some simple maintenance. 

Tires - Your tires will perform best when inflated within the recommended pressure listed on the side of the tire. It is normal for tires to lose air. Learn what your tire feels like when correctly inflated. Give it a pressure test before every ride and adjust if needed. Tubes come with one of two valves, Shrader or Presta. Most people are familiar with Shrader valves as they are the same as car tires. However, many people have never used a Presta valve. Presta valves require you to open up the valve prior to inflating and closing the valve after. Presta valves also require a specific pump that can adjust to them. Should you not have a compatible pump we do sell adapters and dual use pumps.  

Chains- Your chain will require regular attention. The frequency of this attention will depend on the terrain and conditions you are riding in. A well cared for chain will extend the life of your complete drivetrain. Chains need to be lubricated regularly with a good quality bicycle chain. Lube should be applied so that it penetrates each link. You want to work the lube into the chain and then wipe any excess off. Chains should be cleaned once they start to show signs of dirt collecting on them. A chain cleaner can make cleaning your chain quick and easy. A Chain Checker is a handy tool to have to monitor your chain stretch. Replacing a stretched chain before it has worn out will save you from the costly expense of having to replace your drivetrain.

Cleaning your Bike - A clean bike is a happy bike. That being said your bike will not be happy if you use a pressure washer to clean dirt and grime. By using a pressure washer you could pack water into the bearings and cause them to rust. We suggest grabbing a bucket of clean water (cold is fine), a garden hose and a couple of rags (preferably ones that you don’t mind getting muddy or greasy). Having a Park Tool Brush Cleaning kit can help make the job a lot easier and your bike cleaner. 

Trail/Roadside repair- Nobody likes to be stranded out on the trail/road, but the reality is that things happen. Being prepared with a small tool kit and spare tube to address these types of things can help get you back to the trailhead. 

Pre-ride/Post-ride Checks- Making sure your bike is in proper working order before/after a ride can help with unnecessary wear/tear on your bike. Here's a couple of quick videos on things to check and a trouble shooting guide to make sure your bike is preforming at its best.

E-Bikes- Due to the increased torque provided by e-bikes many of your service intervals are expedited compared to a traditional analog bike. Keeping up on chain/cassette wear is key to keeping your bike shifting properly. Additionally your e-bike will likely require the occasional firmware update. For many with Specialized e-bikes this can done through the Specialized app (available free through Android and IOS app stores). For e-bikes of other brands we carry these can be scheduled individually or during e-bike tune ups that are performed by our service department. Other considerations for e-bikes would of course be maintaining and storing batteries. This topic on its own is very complex so for more detailed information on best battery practices click the link below to find out more. 

Pre-Ride Check

Post-Ride Check

Troubleshooting Guide

Best E-Bike Battery Practices